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Celebrity Prints\
Celebrity Prints and Paintings

Paintings and Prints - Assorted Assorted Paintings and Prints

Assorted Collectibles - Assorted Assorted Collectibles

Elvis Picture Disc
Picture Discs (45's, 78's & LP's)

Elvis Picture Disc Magazines

Elvis Picture Disc Photographs and Slides
Autographed-Pictures Autographed Pictures 
and Wooden Plates

Seeburg Mood Music SEEBURG MOOD MUSIC 16 2/3 RPM Records

Antique Phonograph player Antique Phonograph

Japanese slot machine Japanese slot machine

Cardboard 45 RPM records - Archies group COLLECTIBLE CARDBOARD 45 RPM RECORDS


Sheet Music Sheet Music and Programs

Michael Jackson miniature keychain / deck of cards Michael Jackson keychain / deck of cards

Gene Autry – Collectibles
Gene Autry – Singing Cowboy Collectibles

Picture Of Dick Clark Show
Picture Of Dick Clark Show From Spring 1965
Swatch Watch Book Swatch Watch Book
Oprey - Ryman - VHS VHS - Family Reunion - Opry & Ryman
Reel to Reel These are 10,000 reel to reel tapes...
Guitar Pickups Guitar Picks & Pickups

Old Heavy Metal Scale Heavy Metal Scale

Microfilm Microfilm & Microfiche - over 800 reels
Theatre Ash Tray Metal Advertising Ash Tray

Gum Ball Machine Gum Ball Machine

Neon Beer Signs Lobster Traps

Masonic Treasures Masonic Treasures

Patio Doors Patio Doors

2 Old Pine Wood Windows 2 old pine wood windows

2 Family house Old Brick 2 Story – 2 Family House

Draft Beer Containers Draft Beer Containers

Ad cans Advertising Cans

Shrink Wrap Machine Shrink Wrap Machine

ceramic tiles Ceramic Tiles

sideboard and a china cabinet Sideboard and a China cabinet

Large collection of old postcards Large collection - Old postcards

Autographed steak wood plates Autographed Steak Wood Plates

Antique Collector Plates Antique Collector Plates

phonograph needles Phonograph Needles

East Germen Military Uniform   East German Military Uniform

4 Belgium Scenes in Wood Frames   4 Belgium Scenes in wood frames

Duke Ellington Award   Duke Ellington Bronze Bust

Sculptures from St Paul de Vence, France   Wood sculptures by artist in St Paul de Vence, Fr

Painting from French Canadian singer Muriel Millard   Painting from French singer Muriel Millarfd

Wood Masks Category  Wood masks

Stained Glass Window
A beautiful stained glass collectible.