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Thoth Publishing

Thoth Publishing
The God of Writing

Thoth Publishing is a brand new company and the first effort coming soon is my first book.

"It's a work in progress", that is a bio - interesting people I've met and how to make money on the internet.

I hope to have about 150 pages of pictures of rare celebrity shots I've taken over the years. Here's the beginning...

(The MAN had a Plan !)
Don Wayne Patterson
Victor Schukov

If I live to be 80 years old, I will have spent half of my life with my wife, Claudette. To her I dedicate this book and thank her for being the most wonderful  partner for 40 years. She made me realize a lot  about what I will talk about and describe in this memoir and provided the motivation for action. She gave me a fine son who, hopefully, will carry on a lot of the good he has seen in his mother and father and  hopefully he will have learned from our mistakes.
  • My hard working-mother  who made a solid foundation for me during my first twenty years.
  • My entrepreneur father, who was an excellent business man.
  • Victor Schukov who co-wrote this book with me.
  • Beverly Cook, who helped me edit, add and verify various parts of the book.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I’ve had plenty of rich life experiences in the past 70 years and time enough to make many of my dreams come true. In the course of my chronicling of the coming chapters, I will tell you about the loads of fun I’ve had, and I will discuss some of the personal philosophies that have helped me get through the bad times.

I want to show readers that success is within reach for us all and that with a proper roadmap, you  can do or go 
just about anywhere you choose in this wonderful world of ours.
I’ll start by saying that I never thought that losing my wife would be so hard. We had been together for 40 years.
When her doctors discovered that she had two blood clots and then saw x-rays showing stage 4 cancerous tumours in her lungs in 2000, they gave her six months to two years to live. Twenty two months later, despite her brave battle, I lost her.
I will never forget Claudette - that’s for sure - and ten years later, most of my pain is still there, but in different places now. The grieving process is a whole book in itself.
One of my biggest peeves is how we all seem to make excuses to put off until tomorrow - or someday - that which we could do today. After a recent heart attack scare in January 2012, my priorities have changed in a major way. Not ever having been sick, it was a rough couple of days in the hospital.
From my reading and soul searching, it sometimes appears that many self-help book writers come across as preachers. I would hope that’s not the case with this book, and trust that you will see it more as a teaching tool, showing some of the things I’ve discovered, travelling for many years on the wonderful highways and byways of life.
As I raised my (now 40 year old) son and watched him grow, I realized that showing by example seemed to work well. So I will try to give you many examples of things I’ve done that, hopefully will make you repeat the so oft used cliché

- “If he can do it, so can I!”
Two of my good friends called me “Off The Wall” and “You’re A Dreamer”.
I’ve been called a lot of things in my 70 years and those two are my favorites. And one of my best dreams came true.

I got an interview and a job with American legend, the late Dick Clark. I’ll talk about a very interesting Dick Clark later in this book.

While teaching a course at John Abbott College or talking to students at Concordia  University about how to make money on the Internet , student evaluations at the end of each course remarked many times about how they enjoyed listening to my stories during the 30 hour lessons. Most of these tales involved the things I had done or the very interesting people I had met. These are the stories I would like to now share.

SEPT 4,2012
Woke up this morning thinking – as one gets older, ones dreams change.
Dreams often come from thoughts of waking hours. So what we think, read and talk about is usually reflected during our dreams.
I had a dream last night. It was about all my up to date friends who have all the latest software programmes for their computers and gadgets like i Phones, etc.

They send me a picture or story and no matter what I do, I can’t open it. My software is not compatible to theirs. So frustrating. How can I catch up – or do I even want to?
And then I thought about the opposite reactions I have to older friends who can’t keep up to my current active lifestyle.  Could be because of their health problems or time management skills,or something else.  This means that another type of frustration on my behalf is wondering how to find the right compatible person to spend time with.
A dying person in this note means someone older who may not have a lot of years left to do everything they would like to do before leaving this earth. I recently read a book by the famous Doctor Wilder Penfield who at the end of medical career wrote several books and stated he always wanted to write his bio before he died.

I was wondering at what point do we say I’ve had enough ? At what age do we feel we’ve done all we want to do in life and it’s time to go? I guess a lot of factors are there like health , family , companions and projects not completed.

A lot of these thoughts may come from the song I heard several times yesterday on my car stereo – ENJOY YOURSELF, IT’S LATER THAN YOU THINK. I listened to the words carefully.

Anyone can become a millionaire if they want it badly enough. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
Whether you are born, for example, in the expensive mountain heights of Montreal’s Upper Westmount or - as in my case - in a low rent basement apartment in Outremont, we are all given the same choice: make lemonade or suck lemons.
Being born rich doesn’t guarantee happiness or even ultimate success in life. Being born poor doesn’t mean you can’t end up being a millionaire. In fact, my life, rich in diversity and excitement, has been a living testament to how your environment  and  the sometime tough choices you make determine how it all works out for you.
In life we may cut corners and go around in circles and a major reason may have to do with   false perceptions that we collect. How wrong we can sometimes be because of lessons not yet learned.
Over the years I’ve done some foolish things, but that is all part of the learning experience.
One of my worst moves was to allow myself to get sucked into a sting in Mexico City during a record-buying trip. 

After being robbed at gunpoint, I was very lucky to get out of there alive.  This was just a small segment of a long learning curve that took me down an exciting trail through strange and interesting places.
I hope to live to a long life so that this Mexican incident will have fallen on the halfway mark of my life. It has certainly changed the rest of my life’s adventure and made me a different person. I take great comfort in knowing that the second half of my life is an opportunity to undo or make up for any damage I may have caused or experienced in the first half.
Finally, as you read this book, remember the importance of “seeding” new friends and associates. You never know where or when you’ll meet someone who’s going to change your life, most often when you never expect it.
Enjoy the following snippets of personal history and of varied vignettes with a good dose of tips and hints thrown in.

Thoth Publishing
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