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Montreal, QC, Canada - July 20, 2010  - I have a large collection of collectible old car magazines and included are many copies of –"model t times". Several issued in the 1980’s & 90’s include the pictures you see here.

July-August 1990 back cover features a painting (1926-26 era) supplied or done by  Howard Gustavson of Chicago and another from January-February 1986 issue  features a valentine back cover that  was reproduced and dates back from ford times magazine 1912.

There are great old pictures – stories and ads from the good old days. Here are some notes from the Model T Ford Club that was based in Chicago , Ill.


The official founding date of the club is December 1952.  However, like most beginnings, the “seeds” were sown over several years prior to that date.  Owners of antique and classic automobiles would gather each summer on the last Saturday of the Illinois State Fair for antique car day, as well as attending other car gatherings.  The Model T owners were drawn together at these events, discussing the joys and frustrations of this unique automobile.  They found it helpful to discuss restoration problems, sources for parts and tools, to exchange manuals and other literature, and to offer each other encouragement when “Henry’s Lady” was particularly obstinate.  Eventually these owners began to hold  meetings specifically to help one another with restoration projects.

The first newsletter, three pages mimeographed, was published September 1, 1953, edited by Robert Syverson and titled Model T Ford Club Bulletin.  As the editor said:  “We’ll call it that for lack of a better name.  As you know, a means of keeping in touch is vital for Model T owners, so let’s just regard this first issue as exactly what it is, a beginning.”  The editor also wrote that a contest would be held for an official name for the newsletter, with a prize “...such as an old head gasket or something” ... for the winning name.  The winner was W. Thompson Hoyt of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who coined the name which began with issue No. 2 and continues in use today.  A great beginning, which has brought us to the fine, award-winning Model T Times members now receive six times annually!


Over the years since, just one editor was a professional journalist -- Philip Hoffman, who served from mid-1964 to mid-1968.  Other editors were dedicated members who followed Syverson’s example:  Ray Melander, Lorraine Kupka, Chris Katz, Bob Mogge, Richard Leiser, Bob Nelson, Bob Cain, Leonard Bonnevier, Ed Gathman, William O’Rourke, John Miser, and current editor (with the distinction of serving the longest time of all) Howard Gustavson.


In addition to Model T Times, the club publishes many items of interest including the   Judging Guidelines and Ford Service Bulletins.  Back issues of Model T Times and several informational pamphlets about specific parts are available.  The club also sells items with the club logo--from hats, shirts and jackets to coffee mugs and jewelry to membership pins and patches.  Need a key?  Or club decals?  Stop at the International sales table at annual events or check the magazine for placing orders!


A large collection of national geographic magazines with back cover coca cola ads

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National Geographics

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