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Here is just a fraction of our Jet Record masters and 45's:

Jet Records

Jet Records

HAUNTED - Band history In 1965, Jurgen Peter joined up with Bob Burgess (vocals), Al Birmingham (lead guitar), Dick Broden/Glenn Holmes (bass), and Peter Symes (drums) to form The Haunted. Besides Peter, the other constant band member through most of its six year history was Birmingham. The band membership that recorded the band's best known song, "1-2-5" was composed of Birmingham (lead guitar), Peter (rhythm guitar), Burgess (vocals), Mason Shea (bass) and Dave Wynne (drums).[2]

The band's first big break came after winning a Battle Of The Bands at the Montreal Forum in 1965, beating such competitors as David Clayton-Thomas and the Shays. The first prize was studio time, bankrolled by Radio Deejay Dave Boxer, that they used to record the two songs on their first single, "1-2-5", with "Eight O'Clock This Morning" as the B-side. Record salesman Don Wayne Patterson convinced band to hire him as manager and he convinced execs at Quality Records to be enthusiastic about "1-2-5" but objected to the original lyrics, so a "clean" version with different lyrics was also recorded. The single (with the alternate "clean" lyrics) was released on Quality in early 1966. The first pressing of this record had the band name misprinted as "The Hunted."[3] Ironically, the later pressings with the band's name correctly spelled, are now more difficult to locate.

The single achieved substantial local success, then broke nationally, making the Canadian version of the national charts (RPM Weekly Magazine.) The song gained enough attention in the US to attract a US release of the single on the Amy record label, who released the original "uncensored" version. Several more singles, as well as a self-titled album over the next two years, served to increase their popularity. They released a second 45 rpm with Quality and another song Mona on Don Wayne's Jet Record label.

The band grew to be one of the most in demand bands in Canada for the balance of the 1960s and into the early 1970s.

Jet Records (Canada 1967) Reg. – Don Wayne Patterson
  • Jet 4001 – Mike Jones Group – Each And Every Day/Funny Feeling 2) Cloud 69  Each And Everyday –In French (Le Jour,La Nuit)
  • Jet 4002 – The Original Haunted – Mona / I’m Just Gonna Blow My Little   Mind To Bits (Waydette Publishing)
  • Jet 4003 – Dennis Lepage + the Persuaders - Taking Inventory  b/w song for my father 
  • Jet 4004 – The Persuaders – I Found A Love / Don’t Fight It
  • Jet 4005 – The Flower Garden – Understanding/I Ain’t Gonna  Eat Out My Heart Anymore
  • Jet 4006 – Leeroy Preston & Inn-Crowd – Every Day I Have To Cry Some/Without You
  • Jet 4007 – Dennis Lepage + The Persuaders - With These Hands B/W Out In Left Field.
  • Jet 4008 – King Beezz – Wine Is Fine / Sean’s Song – Edmnton , Alberta
  • Jet 4009 – Eight Point Five - Bathurst, New Brunswick
  • Jet 4010 – Thanes – So Alone / If She Were Here – Kitchener , Ontario.
  • Jet 4011 – Lotsa Poppa (Usa)– Tennessee Waltz/She Ain’t Gonna Do Right
  • Jet 69000 – Joe Di Dodo – Attsa My Boy /Attsa My Boy –Instrumental 
    From Boston And Atlanta, USA
  • Amy/Jet 4001 – Haunted – 1-2-5 / Eight O’clock This Morning - From Montreal Connected To Ben Kaye.
Additional Songs On Masters – Include:
  • Live -1) Out Of Sight   2) Hi Heel Sneakers
  • 1)   Gloria , Etcetra  2) From Home
  • Casey’s Mail Order Bride / Were We Wrong


This is a master tape of 22 French Country Xmas music songs I own the rights for and can lease to anyone interested.

French Xmas