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Soundies Inventory June 2002
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Soundies Inventory 002
Bright Shines The Moon (russian dancers)
Chinese Fantasy
Instrumental ?? no title
Instrumental ?? no title with skaters
Instrumental ?? no title with skating trio
Instrumental -upbeat swing tune - v/b or w/b on drums
Thats Why They Call Me Shine
upbeat swing tune early 40,s = title to be announced 2:18
Trio (S E ) Swing On A Star 2:20
female vocalist Wayfaring Stranger 2:25
ffemale vocalist - irish Galway Bay 2:37
fblack dancers I Got Rhythm
fviolins,dancers no title Dance , Gypsy , Dance 2:26
3 Brown Jacks/jimmy lunceford orch Theme Song (myra johnson)
aaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbb
Adams,Carol/b trueheart/h borne or Doin' The Hot Foot
Airline Trio/Janette Hackett dancers The Sparkle Strut 2:55
Al Donahue + Orchestra Jumping At The Jukebox with vocalist 2:28
Al McIntire + His Hawaiians ??? Blue Hawaii - so sea songs (reggie valencia)
Ali Baba Trio Your Feets Too Big 2:58
Alvino Ray Orch Whistler and his Dog
Andrew Sisters Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - (Private Buckaroo)
Andrew Sisters Oh He Loves Me
Andrew Sisters Rum Boogie
Andrew Sisters Six Jerks In A Jeep - (film-Private Buckaroo
Andrew Sisters Three Little Sisters - (film-Private Buckaroo - 1942)
Andrew Sisters , woody herman Amen ( Jane Frazee)
Andrew Sisters , woody herman Il Bacio (gloria jean)
Andrew Sisters , woody herman I'll Pray For You
Andrew Sisters / Ritz Brothers Brooklynonga
Andrew Sisters + Harry James Johnny Get Your Gun Again (private buckaroo)
Andy + Della Russell Can't Get Along Without Em
Armstrong , Louis Shine
Arnaz,Desi Cuban Pete / Medley
Artie Shaw + Buddy rich ????
Austin , Gene Give Me One Dozen Roses
Austin , Gene / Harry Brent Orch I Hear You Knocking
Austin,Gene/harry brent orch (Give Me) One Dozen Roses
Autry , Gene Ridin' The Range - (16mm film - boots + saddles)
Autry , Gene Take Me Back to Boots and Saddle (16mm film-boots + saddles)
Autry , Gene The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) (16mm film boots+saddles)
Autry , Gene Why Did I Get Married - (16mm film - boots + saddles)
Baird,Jeanie/j mcfee/tony pastor orc That Did It Marie
Bartlett , Michael Mother Machree 2:43
Barton, Vera /Shadowettes Now 2:30
Basie , Count Take Me Back , Baby 2:38
Bee Molly/Tennessee E Ford Minnie the Mermaid - by the sea
Beeler , Margie Texas Strip , the 2:30
Belmont, Dale/ray sinatra orch I'll be Seeing You
Bennett , Ben Chorus America The Beautiful/Sing Along America-song + text
Benny Fields/Eton Boys I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Bergen,Jerry/Jeri Sullavan You'll Have To Swing It - "Mr Paganini" (robert trandler)
Bernie, Ben Orchestra from 1930-library of congress archives - 2 songs
Betty Hutton/Vincent Lopez Band Dipsy Doodle
Bill Conlon Beyond The Blue Horizon
Bishop , Wendy Blue Moon
black band/male piano player That's Why They Call Me Shine
Black Dancing Girls in club Girls Girls Girls
black female singer/dancers ?? On The Other Side Of the Tracks
Bob Chester Band Boogie Woogie
Bob Crosby + bobcats How Do You Liked to
Bob Haymes/Bob Chester Orch Wait till The Sun Shines Nellie (12-01-1941
Bob Howard all black jazz orch Dinah (filmed in record shop)
Bob Howard +piano Dinah (1944) 2:26
Borrah Minevitch/harmonica rascals Boxcar Rhapsody (1942)
Bremer , Lucille Penny Arcade
Brewer, Teresa I've Got The Craziest Feelings-snader telescription
Brian Sisters + will osborne orch Boogie Woogie Man, The 1:58
Brice , Fanny When A Woman Loves A Man
Britton , Milt + band Poet and Peasant
Brown , Dick I Don't Want To Walk Without You 2:52
Buddy Rogers Twelfth Street Rag
Burke , Dolly It's A Small World (midgets)
Burnette , Smiley Dusty Roads - ( 16mm film - boots + saddles)
Burnette , Smiley unknown song from ( ranch party tv show - 1958)
Burton,Mary/harry brent orch A Good Man Is Hard To Find (jazz vocal version)
Busse's , Henry orch unknown instrumental
C Cook+E Brown/sepia steppers Chatter - (music - I Got Rhythm)
Cab Calloway Dawn Time
Cab Calloway Hi De Ho
Cab Calloway Smokey Joe
Calgary Kid + cactus cowboys She Married The Wrong Man
Callaway , Cab - Orchestra We The Cats That Hep You
Callejo , Cecilia Cielito Lindo (16mm film - boots + saddles)
Calloway , Cab Foo-A-Little-Hoo with rusty stanford
Calloway , Cab Virginia , Georgia and Caroline
Calloway , Cab with Betty Boop The Old Man of the Mountain-musical cartoon -1933
Calloway, Cab Blues In The Night
Calloway, Cab I Love A Parade
Calloway, Cab Lady With The Fan
Calloway, Cab Minnie The Moocher
Calloway, Cab Railroad Rhythm
Calloway, Cab Zah Zuh Zah
Campana , Bonnie/andy Iona Orch Jungle Drums
Candido,Candy /Ted Fioritos Orch Wouldst But I Could Kiss thy Hand Oh Babe 2:33
Candoli , Pete Plays as tommy jackson orch on ozzie + harriet show
Cannon , Maureen I Don't Care
Caradad Garcia / G Marks Orch Pio Pio
Caradad Garcia / G Marks Orch Siboney
Caridad Garcia + Gerald Marks OrchAcuerdate-De-Mi (Remember Me) 2:50 Acuerdate-De-Mi Remember Me 2:50
Carle , Frankie Louise
Carlos and Zedra Paran-Pan-Pan 2:40
Carmelita (Bergin Kane Orch) Sombrerita Mia with south american orch/singers
Carnival Chorus/Ray Bloch orch Ding - A - Lay - O
Carroll , Bob / J Reichman Orch Tenement Symphony
Caruso,Marie /alex+martita/coeds Cuban Pete
Casino,Del/j freeland.e pettit orch Surrender
castle music gang A Cowpoke Gets No Rest At All
castle music gang The Plunking of the Banjo
Charioteers Oh Susannah
Charisse Cyd /Stan Kenton Orch This Love of Mine (gary leon)
Charisse,Cyd/Nico + Mills rhumba or Rhumba Serenade
Charles , Leslie & bathing beauties Hollywood bathing suit fashions-1940's-(Joe Bonica)
Cheerleaders ,The Orange Colored Sky
Chocolateers , the Peckin'
Clark , Dennis Molly O'Reilly 3:08
Clark , Tony + cactus cowboys Duck For The Oyster and Go For The Clam 2:51
Clark , Tony + cactus cowboys Inky Dinky Parley Vous 2:50
Clark , Tony + cactus cowboys The Lady Around The Lady 3:34
Claude Thornhill + Orchestra America I Love You-with L Lane/M Wayne/B Stewart/D Harding 3:00
Claude Thornhill + Orchestra Count Me In with Martha Wayne + Buddy Stewart 2:30
Clayton,Ruth/frank denning orch Are You Having Any Fun
Clinton , Larry + Orch Smiles
Clooney , Betty A Guy Is A Guy
Cole , Nat King Is I Is or Is I Ain't
Collegians On to Victory (at notre dame) 2:42
Collegians , Ray bloch orch On The Campus
Collins Kids Hot Rod - (ranch party 1958)
Collins,Dean/jewel mcgowan Jazzy Joe
Connee Boswell I Don't Know Why, I Just Do
Cook , Frank Hi Neighbor
Cool , Harry If I Had My Way
Cool , Harry Stardust
Cool , Harry My Blue Heaven
Cool , Harry + orch-model mcgovern Sweet Lorraine
Copeland , Aaron Open Prairie from Billy the Kid - London Sym Orch
Cotton , Carolina Down The Track To San Antone 2:39
Counts + the Countess Five Salted Peanuts
Crosby , Bing For You
Crosby , Bing Were You Sincere
Crosby, Bing I Surrender Dear (1931) host James Wallington
Cross and Dunn Ask Dad
Curbelo , Herbert Babalu
Dale Belmont/Ray Sinatra Orch Do you Believe In Dreams
Dandridge,Dorothy/H Carmichael Stardust / Lazy Bones (peter ray)
Danford,Danny/a parker/shadowette Silhouettes
Darling , Denver /Hoffman Sisters Mama Don't Want No Music
Darling, Denver-texas tornadoes Eleven More Months (and Ten More Days
David Brooks Sleepy Time Gal 2:55
Davis , Rufe Sow Song (country comedy sing a long) 2:30
Day,Doris/les brown orch My Lost Horizon
DeCarlo , Yvonne The Lamp of Memory
Del Casino + Orchestra The Same Old Story
Del Ray , Maria/R.Martinez Brazil
Del Rio, Diana There's a Pampas Moon On The Campus 3:25
Del Rio, Diana There's a Pampas Moon On The Campus 2nd version 3:25
Delta Rhythm Boys Gimmie Some Skin
Delta Rhythm Boys Take The A Train 2:27
Deutsch , Emery + orch Love's Own Sweet Song
Deutsch , Emery + orch Two Guitars / Dark Eyes
Deutsch,Emery/hubert hendri/orch When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry
Dexter, Carol /Warren Hull She Don't Wanna 3:10
Diick & Larry - silent cartoon Happy Hoboes
Dinning Sisters Ho Hum
Dinning Sisters,jack fascinato By The Light of the Silvery Moon
Dixiairs,ray bloch orch Dear Old Southland
Dixiairs,ray bloch orch Waiting For The robert E Lee
Dixiairs,ray bloch orch Waiting For The robert E Lee
Dixon , Gaye + Jack Shilkret Orch Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Donovan , Nancy Galway Bay 2:38
D'Orsay , Fifi / G Steiner Orch French Canadian Can-Can
Dorsey,Jimmy Orchestra Tired Of Waiting For You (helen o'connell/bob oberly)
Douglas , Larry Prisoner Of Love
Downs,Johnny + Jean Porter At A Little Hot Dog Stand
Downs,Johnny + Sugar Kane Love Me As I Am
Drew , Doris (t e ford show) Teach Me Tonight
Duke Ellington Stormy Weather with dancers betsy dudley/florence hill
Duncan , Harry Hillbilly Tillie
Durbin , Deanna Ave Maria (xmas song)
Durbin , Deanna La Boheme (Musetta's Street song)
Durbin , Deanna Loch Lomond
Durham's Sonny Orch unknown instrumental
Earl Oxford Tune Of Luna Park
Eckstine, Billy + Orch Rhythm in a Riff
Eddie La Baron + Orchestra Corte Tubo
Eddie Le Baron + Orchestra La Paloma
Edwards , Penny When It Rains
Ellen , Mary Quartet,Bob Scott I Don't Stand A Ghost of a Chance 2:55
Ellen,Mary Quartet/bob scott Blacksmith Blues
Elliott , Lorraine/Ozzie Nelson Orch I'm Looking For A Guy (who plays alto + baritone etc)
Elm City Four Stephen foster Melodies (with j freeland/t morton)
Emerson's , Tom Hillbillies Hillbilly Hoosegow
Emerson's Mountaineers Seven Years with the Wrong Woman
Emerson's Mountaineers You Are My Sunshine
Erskine Hawkins Hot In The Groove (with jiving sepia scorchers)
Esmereldy (Verna Sherrill) For Red Nellie's Honour + with Frank Novak's Rootin' Tooters
Eton Boys Bicycle Built For Two 2:55
Eton Boys My Gal Sal 2:45
Eton boys My Gal Sal 2nd version
Eton Boys / Ray Bloch Orch Bicycle Built For Two
Eton Boys + Geraldine Dubois I Want A Girl 2:33
Eton boys/Geraldine Dubois I Want A Girl 2nd version
Eton boys/Ray bloch orch A Bicycle Built For Two 2nd version
Evans , Warren Baby Don't You Cry
Fats Waller Honeysuckle Rose 2:42
Fiddlin' Kate instrumental - (ranch party 1958)
Fields , Benny Fifth Avenue
Fields , Irving trio Miami Beach Rhumba (vocal)
Fields , Irving trio unknown title - instrumental
Film of Church Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah
Foran , Dick I'm In The Army Now
Foran , Dick Private Buckaroo - (film)
Foran , Dick + Andrew Sisters We've Got A Job To Do (private buckaroo)
Foran , Dick + Helen Forest Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (private buckaroo)
Ford , tennessee ernie Old Pappy Time
Forest , Helen + Harry James You Made Me Love You - (private buckaroo)
Foster , (feher),Fredrick/mills orch A Musical Joke
Foster , Stephen Life + Music Narration + History for teaching
Four Lady Killers/Guardsmen quartet A Bird In A Gilded Cage (Roberta Lee)
Four Men of Song Drill Ye Tarriers Drill 3:03
Four Merrymen Oh Susanna
French,Eleanor , claude garreau orc I'm Just Wild About Harry
Froos/sylvia Tony's Wife
Froos/sylvia Lullaby of the Leaves
Froos/sylvia + david schooler Isn't that Just Like Love (+ swinghearts) 2:27
Froos/sylvia + david schooler Isn't that Just Like Love (+ swinghearts) 2nd version 2:27
Froos/sylvia + eddie duchin orch Everyone Is Doing It
Fuller,Walter/a whites lindy hoppers Sugar Hill Masquerade
Gale Storm Honeysuckle Rose
Garcia,Caradad-gerald marks orch Senorita 2:50
Garcia,Caradad-gerald marks orch Senorita 2nd version
Garcia,Caradad-gerald marks orch Taboo (spanish) 2:32
Gates , Nancy + Joe Reichman orch All I Need Is You
Geise , Sugar/Mattisons/Co-eds Patty Cake , Baker Man
Gene Austin One Dozen Roses
Gene Grounds/Barron + Blair Songs Of Love -In Love With A song (with melody maids) 2:40
Gene Krupa Jungle Magic
Gene Krupa Thanks for The Boogie Ride
Gene Williams Oh Look At Me Now 2:35
Gessing , Margie -olympic swimmer Diving Exhibitions - santa barbara.CA -practicing for 1948 olympics
Gilbert,Mary, hal borne orch Little Dutch Mill
Gill,Florence/Redd Harper-sells There's A Hole in the Old Oaken Bucket
Gilman,Toni/George Shelton etc My Brother Jack
Godfrey Dancers Hawaiian Holiday
gospel song Come Ye Faithful (text included)
gospel song Heaven Of Rest
gospel song In The Sweet Bye & Bye
gospel song Jesus Christ Is Risen (text included)
gospel song Now thank We All Our God
gospel song On Jordan's Stormy Banks (text included)
gospel song Welcome Happy Morning (text included)
Grable , Betty You'll Be Marching Beside Me
Gray , Carolyn/ Tari Vance Cocktails and Oo La La
Gray , Paula/betty jo huston Cherokee
Greene, Jackie/Dorn Bros + Mary Elmer's Tune (redd harper/lud gluskin) (Imitations)
Grimes,Tiny + orch Never Too Old To Swing
Grimes,Tiny + orch Romance Without Finance
guy playing guitar/dancers?? St Louis Blues
Haines, Connie My Great-Great Grandfather
Haines, Connie/hal borne orch The Continental
Hal Kemp + big band Swamp Fire
Halee , Roy / Roustabouts,The The Man on the Flying Trapeze
Haley, Jack Sailor Song
Hamelin , Bob/Harry Owens Orch Moonlight On Waikiki
Hammed,Tosh + company Dance Your Old Age Away
Hammed,Tosh + company Dance Your Old Age Away
Hannon , Bob The Night is Young
Hannon,Bob/danilo+ jean/ray bloch Two Hearts That Pass InThe Night
Harmon,Ginger/mercer bros/h borne Tica Ti Tica Ta
Harper,Redd/L Elliott/Hal Borne orch The Ferris Wheel
Hawkins,Erskine-jiving scorchers Hot In The Groove
Haymes , Bob I'll Never Smile Again
Haywood,Billie/Cliff Allen Rinka Tinka Man
Healy , Mary I Was Just Dreaming Out Loud 2:55
Henry Busse + Band Hot Lips (songwriter + trumpet player)
Herth , Milt trio Instrumental ?? no title 1:25
Hite , Les + his orchestra Pudgy Boy
Hoagy Carmichael Lazy Bones with dance by Dorothy Dandridge/Peter Ray
Hodges Joy + George Steiner Orch Exactly Like You
Hollywood,Roberta,W Bradley Orch How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Hoosier Hot Shots K P Serenade
Hope , Bob Going Spanish - with Leah Ray (1934)
Hopkins , Lightin'/Billy bizor Sun's Gonna Shine - 10 minute feature of blues(w anderson-the boy)
Howard , Willie How To See A French Doctor
Howard , Willie/Sam Medoff Orch Tyrone Power
Howard, Willie/al kelly Comes The Revolution (comedy)
Illana the french stripper What Happens In A Paris Dive -Montmartre Café (paris-1905)
Ina Ray Hutton Truckin' (female bandleader/dancer/singer)
Ingersoll, Felice Woo-Woo Girl singing with a Snowman 2:35
Isabelita + Eddie Durant Rhumba Matumba 2:57
Isham Jones + Orchestra Stardust
Ives , Burl Tell Me Your Story 2:59
Jackie Greene/5 Spirit's of Rhythm Alabamy Bound
Jackson , Wanda Real Cool - (1958 ranch party tv show)
James , Harry + Music Makers Concerto for Trumpet - intrumental (private buckaroo)
Jean , Gloria Polka Medley - xmas finale 1:35
Jean , Gloria + Milt Herth Trio Sly Old Gentleman (xmas melody) 2:00
Jerry Cooper Tumbling Tumbleweeds 2:50
Jerry Cooper Where the Mountains Meet the Sky 2:45
Jerry Cooper ?? Tumbling Tumbleweeds 2nd version 2:50
Jerry Shard/Vic Anthony Peg O' My Heart
Jesters , The I Had But 50 Cents 2:42
Jesters , The/guy bonham orch The Martins and the Coys
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Old John Silver
Jimmy Wakely + sunshine trio Git Along Pony with Johnny Bond 2:42
Johnny "Scat" Davis Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition
Johnny & George I Had A Dream
Johnny Downs +bonnie kildare I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire 2:35
Johnny Long + Orchestra Maria Elena with vocalist 2:25
Johnny Long Orchestra Johnny Peddler (helen young/paul harmon)
Johnson , Lynn Capers On The Campus
Johnson,Eddie / Marion Colby Three Little Rooms For Two 2:10
Johnston , Arthur singers Singing Hills 2:55
Jolly Jesters , The I've Got Six Pence (1943)
Jolson , Al Here We Are
Jolson , Al I'm Happy
Jolson , Al When You and I Were Young (quartet-black face)
Jolson , Al Who Paid The Rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle
Jolson , Al Yes We Have No Bananas
Jones,Spike/city slickers/mel blanc Clink,Clink , Another Drink
Jones,Spike/del porter/king jackson Blacksmith Song
Jones,Spike/kanza omar/d porter Sheik of Araby
Joyce,Billy/Mildred Ray/e fiorito orch Amor 2:45
Jugband ????? Come and Get It
Kaaihue,Mary Trio My Baby Knows Best
Kaaihue,Mary Trio Stuff Like That There
Karyl,Iris-winnie hoveler dancers Chop Chop
Kay, Herbie Orch(mr dorothy lamour) I'm Looking Out The Window
Kelly, Paula/G Miller Modernaires Oh Frenchy
Kemp , Ronnie Loretta 2:38
Kennedy,Bob/Betty Underwood Whispering (official films)
Kenton , Stan + band Artistry In Rhythm
Kershaw,Doug He's A Louisiana Man /Muskrat Skunk - live in a club (color)
Keynotes/a.boran/p.gerson/larose s Guess Who (Impersonations)
Kidoodlers Maybe
King Gloria,Bernie Kaai,islanders Hula Rumba 2:38
King Kahakamale ??? Hawaiian music??
King Sisters /Alvino Rey orch Cielito Lindo
King Sisters /Alvino Rey orch Keep Smiling
King Sisters /Alvino Rey orch When We're Alone
King Sisters,Four / alvino rey orch Irish Washerwoman , The
King Sisters/Alvino Rey Call Of The Canyon 2:50
King Sisters/Alvino Rey St Louis Blues
Kingsmen/dean collins/colette Chool Song
Kinney, Ray + Hawaiian Orch Kona Moon 2:33
Kohler , Paul + Jini Kerry Dance & Irish Washerwomen
Korn Kobblers Listen to the Mocking Birds
Krupa, Gene Let Me Off Uptown with roy eldridge + anita o'day +dance team
Lacey,Patti/lorraine elliott/r . hirsch Georgie Porgie
Lane , Barbara/Harry Brent Orch Mabel at the Beauty Target (1942) 2:54
Lane , Jack + His Love Birds See The Birdies
Lane,Phyllis/RoseMarie Mcgill I Don't Know Why, I Just Do
Lanny Ross The Things I Love
Lanson , Snooky/Gail Grant Frivolous Sal
Larry Clinton + Orchestra Deep Purple with vocalist 2:40
Larry Clinton + Orchestra Dipsy Doodle
Lawrence , Steve Hands Across The Table
Lawrence Welk Ain't She Sweet
Le Donne Trio I Don't Wanna Be A Cowboy,cause I'm awful Scared of Cows
LeBaron, Eddie Orch La Paloma (spanish) 2nd version
Lebaron,Eddie orch/bertica serrano Corte Tubo
LeDonne Trio / Toni Todd Hotsy Totsy
Lee , Peggy What More Can A Woman Do
Lee , Peggy Why Don't You Do Right
Lee,Lynn,Lou + gloria jean Oh Christmas Tree Medley (with Alpine Octet) 1:35
Lee,Lynn,Lou + sportsmen Winter Wonderland (with alpine Octet) 2:30
Lefcourt's , Harry Red Jackets Swinging On A Star
Lefcourt's , Harry Red Jackets Swinging On A Star (Jeanne Claire,Frankie Little)
Leo Diamond I Give My Love to You + Waiting for The Robert E Lee
Leonard , Ada +her orchestra Indiana 1:52
Les Elgart + Orch Dream Dream Dream 2:30
Lewis , Joe E + Harry James I Love The South - (private buckaroo)
Lewis , Ted + band I'm the Leader of the Band (maybe have twice) 1:59
Lewis , Ted + band Isn't She Pretty 1:31
Lewis , Ted + band Me and my Shadow 1:08
Lewis , Ted + band Sunny Side of the Street - Medley 1:50
Lewis , Ted + band - 3 female sing. Three Blind Mice 1:18
Liberace + wilda taylor Waltz of the flowers 4:00
Liberace George (t e ford show) plays violin
Lillian Roth/Bobby Watson Naughty Girl
Lina Romay Let's Get Lost 3:07
Little Annie Rooney When You Were Sweet 16 -songs/lyrics/cartoons
Long,Johnny orch Marie Elena
Long,Johnny orch/helen young Johnny Peddler
Lopez , Philip + female vocalist Papaya
Lopez , Vincent Orch The Minute Waltz (2 X )
Lopez , Vincent Orch,sonny skyler Overnight
Lord Inventor Steel Bands - Trinidad
Lorraine Paige Sweet Sue
Lorraine,Kay + Merle Pitt I Don't Want To Walk Without You 2:52
Lorraine,Kay + Merle Pitt The Kerry Dance
Lorraine,Kay+Carl Trees/M Pitts Embraceable You
Louden , Dorothy Back To Donegal 1:57
Louis Armstrong That's Why They Call Me Shine
Louis Prima Chinatown
Lucas , Nick Tip Toe Thru The Tulips 2:45
Lucas , Nick Tip Toe Thru The Tulips 2nd version 2:45
Lunceford,Jimmy Orchestra Nagasaki (male vocalist)
Lunceford,Jimmy Orchestra Rhythm Is Our Business
Lunceford,Jimmy Orchestra Rhythms Coming to Life Again (Three Brown Jacks)
Lunceford,Jimmy Orchestra You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes (Myra Johnson-vocal)
Lynn , Bette American Sweetheart
MacDonald,Billy/his Highlanders Playmates
Mace Ann,Lew Hearn/V Alexander Margie
male singer on airliner ?????? Ruby Ruby
male vocalist + pretty dancers College Holiday
Malina , Luba / Frank Denning Orch Strip Polka
Mann , Bert trio/canteen cuties Play Time Polka 2:41
Mann , Hank Sultans Charm
Mann, Peggy Oh What it Seemed to Be
Maphis , Joe / Larry Collins guitar instrumental ( ranch party 1958)
Marcellino,MuzzyM Conrad,I Scott Ching Chong 2:55
Marguerite Howe/Buccaneers Yankee Doodle Rhapsody with Ferge Groff/radio orch
Markham , Pigmeat/mabel lee Pigmeat Throws The Bull
Marsh , Carolyn-r bloch orch I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby (2 X)
Marshalls Camptown Races/Swanee River-Showboat Melodies
Martha Tilton Love Turns Winter Into Spring
Marvel Maxwell/Ted Fio Rito This Is No Laughing Matter
Marx , Harpo plays Harp Brief Interlude With The Classics
Masters , Frankie Orch unknown instrumental
McIntyre,Lani /Aloha Islanders King Kamehameha
McKinley, Ray + will bradley orch Boardwalk Boogie 2:33
Mellott , Gayle Know You Better #1464
Melodairs , ray bloch orch On The Mall
Melody Maids/G Grounds/barron etc In Love With a Song
Men and Maids of Melody Apple Blossom Time 2:28
Men and Maids of Melody Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Metropolitan String Quartet American Folk songs - Turkey In The Straw
Metropolitan String Quartet Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Metropolitan String Quartet Go Down to Moses
Meyers, Virginia - 4 merrymen Mrs Yankee Doodle
Millender , Lucky - Orch I Want A Big Fat Mama
Miller ,Glenn,Modernaires Do Nothin' till You Hear From Me
Miller,Glenn Modernaires/P Kelly Coffee Shop Rhythm
Miller,Susan /gene grounds/g moran Clarence
Mills Brothers I Ain't Got Nothing
Mills Brothers Till Then 2:40
Minevitch,Borrah/harmonica rascals Bugle Call Rag
Minevitch,Borrah/harmonica rascals Bugle Call Rag
Mondi , Vince "Blue" One Man Band 2:30
Mondi , Vince "Blue" One Man Band 2nd version
Moreno,Benito /dancer Insita Estrelllita 2:31
Morgan , Nita Mailman Blues 2:37
Morrow,Liza / G Paxton Orch Dance with A Dolly (gaylord + norma)
Morton , Art I'll Walk Alone
Morton Downey When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Morton,Tommy / cactus cowboys The Gluemaker's Daughter
Nat Brandywine/Murphy sisters Moonlight Cocktails
Nelson , Ozzie + Orch Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
Nelson , Ricky I Need Somebody To Call My Own
Nelson , Ricky I'm Walking - (ozzie + harriet show- one night stand)
Nelson , Ricky It Ain't Nothing But Love (tv show)
Nelson , Ricky It's A Mean Old World
Nelson , Ricky Plays drums with Pete Candoli (tommy jackson orch)
Nelson , Ricky + band Say You Love Me (ozzie+harriet)A Message From Kris (wife)
Nelson family-ozzie/harriet/rick/david My Gal Sal (ozzie + harriet show - one night stand)
New York Streets After The Ball - tony pastors bldg/lyrics/cartoon
Newell , Jimmy / tut mace Moonlight Masquerade
Nichols , Red Three Blind Mice
Niesen , Gertrude A Wee Bit of Scotch
Niesen , Gertrude Jim
Niesen , Gertrude There I Go
Nita Martha +airline trio-jazzy Swamp Fire 2:42
Noble,Ray band,Lee,Lynn,Lou Modern Design (british band leader)
Nordstrom , Clarence Fifty Thousand Dollars For A Kiss 2:58
Novak's Frank rootin' tooters Barn Dance Frolics
O'Connell,Helen/Jimmy Dorsey orc Man That's Groovy
O'Daniel,Nicky / sun tan four The Pollard Jump
O'Dell , Doye I Left My Gal In The Mountain (ranch party 1958)
Old time Singers My Mother Was A Lady 2:49
O'Neil , Johnny Rain , Rain , Rain - (ranch party 1958)
Ortega,Eva/de limas/g steiner orch The Flea
Oxford . Earl The Tune Of Luna Park
Page Cavanaugh Trio This Time The Dreams On Me
Page,Paul/g elwood/e baffa orch South Sea Sadie
Paris, Frank Seeing Stars
Parker,Ann-al trace orch That Wonderful Worrisome Feeling
Pastor , Tony Orch That Did It Marie #753
Patterson & Jackson Mama , I Wanna Make Rhythm
Paul , Les trio/carolyn gray Don't Cry Baby
Peggy Lee It's A Good Day
Penton , Kay What Good Is His Love
Penton , Kay What Good Is His Love
Phil Spitalny/all girl orch Sirens of Syncopation
Piaf , Edith ??
Piaf , Edith ??
Piaf , Edith ??
Piaf , Edith ??
Pierce,Jan + friends Carnival Show - 9:40 minutes
Plant Marc,Helen Cole Anniversary Waltz (ted fio rito + skylined music)
Powell Dick,g stuart,virginia grey The Words Are In My Heart 8:16
Prima , Louis & Orch Old Black Magic
Radio Rogues Am I In Love
Ramey,Venus Sittin' And Sunnin' #1632
Ramirez , Carlos Torreador
Ranch Party Gang unknown song from ( ranch party tv show - 1958)
Ranch Party Gang/Skeets McDonald In Jailhouse Now - (ranch party 1958)
Rand , Sally world famous bubble dance performance - stripper 2:47
Ravazza , Carl + Double Dates Tampico
Ray Johnny There's No Business Like Show Business - 1954
Red Nichols + Orchestra (vocal) 3 Blind Mice
Red Nichols + Orchestra (vocal) St Louis Woman
Red River Dave / Lilo Darrish Mexicali Rose
Red River Dave + rosalie allen Dude Cowboy 3:09
Red River Dave + rosalie allen Dude Cowboy (2nd version) 2:59
Red River Dave + rosalie allen Red River Moon 2:55
Rees,Virginia/Kahala Mapuana Tropic Swingeroo (with Andy Iona Orch.)
Reeves , George Amigo We Go Riding Tonight
Reichman , Joe Orchestra If I Didn't Care (ink spots type of quartet) 2:40
Reynolds , Don You Call It Madness
Reynolds , Don You Can Call it Madness
Richmond , June Time Takes Care of Everything
Richmond , June Who Dunit to Who
Ritter , Tex The Old Chisum Trail ( ranch party 1958)
Roberts Hollywood with Will Bradley Orch/+ woman fronting a combo 7/24/1944
Roberts,Dick-chuck foster orch I Left My Heart in Texas
Robinson,Carson/buckaroos Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
Robison Carson, buckaroos When It's Springtime in the Rockies 2:46
Rocco , Maurice Beat Me Daddy
Rodrigo , Nana orch Mi Rhumba
Rodrigo , Nana orch/lola+andre Conga Loca
Romay , Lina Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Ros , Ramon _+ his dancers La Conga Se Fue
Ross , Lanny The Night We Met in Honolulu
Ross , Lanny-roy bargy orch These Are The Things I Love
Rudy Vallee Kitty From Kansas City
Rudy Vallee You'll Do It Someday, No Why Not Now
Russ Morgan + Orchestra Washbash Blues
Russell , Andy + Della Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero
Russian Revels Lucky Girls,The
Sammy Davis Jr + trio Piggly Wiggly Boogie
Scott + Whaley\nina mae mckinney In Minstrel Days (debroy somers+band,8 black streaks etc
Shaw , Artie Nightmare
Shaw , Artie Shoot the Likker to Me John boy
Shaw , Artie / Helen Forest I Have Eyes
Shay,Patricia This Is The Night #1296
Shipley , Nina + other swimmers Underwater Ballet - (Joe Bonica)
Sinatra,Frank Saturday Night Is the Lonliest Night Of The Week
Sinatra,Frank There'll Be A Hot Time In Old town Berlin
Skating Continentals vaudeville act skating in a club 3:00
Smith , Ethel The Breeze and I
Smoothies,The/Cappy Barra harmon Rosie The Riveter
Smoothies,The/frank denning orch Gobs of Love
Smoothies+Cappy Barna Lollapalooza Lou (harmonica boys) 2:45
Smythe , Vanita Back Door Man
Smythe , Vanita Does You Do, or Does You Don't
Sonny Dunham + Orchestra Skylark with Harriett Clark 2:55
Sonny Skylar/Vincent Lopez Orch Don't Cry
Spade Cooley + Orchestra My Chickashay Gal 2:30
spanish sound title to be announced
Spivak,Charlie Orchestra Comin Thru The Rye 2:50
Staff, Jeanne Hoops My Dear #1595
Stewart,Louise/Frank Pinero G - Strings
Stone,Henry (Butch)/L Clinton Orch Whatcha Know Joe ?
Storm,Gale /Fashionettes I Know Somebody Who Loves You 2:35
Storm,Gale /Fashionettes Isn't It Romantic
Storm,Gale /Fashionettes Papa Won't You Dance With Me
Stuart,Marlyn/ray bloch orch At a Little Roadside Rest
Sugar Kane/Darrell Claker Stormy Weather
Sugar Kane/Darrell Claker Stormy Weather
Sullavan , Jeri Memphis Blues
Sullivan , Maxine Some of These Days
Sullivan,Lee That's How I Spell Ireland 2:05
Sullivan,Lee / Janice Cullen When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Susan Miller Bugle Woogie
Taffel , Susan (Joey Faye) 1940's My Blue Heaven
Taffel , Susan (Joey Faye) 1940's Oh Johnny
Taffel , Susan (Joey Faye) 1940's Whispering
Tamara + del casino orchestra It All Comes Back to Me Now 2:42
Tamara + del casino orchestra It All Comes Back to Me Now 2nd version 2:42
Teagarden , Jack Basin Street Blues
Terry , Gordon Wild Honey (ranch party 1958)
text + sing a long Alouette
The Skylarks Way Up The Hudson 2:47
The Three Suns Anvil Chorus (1944)
Thomas , Dick + B Bletcher /J Grier Jingle , Jangle , Jingle 2:55
Thomas,Maudie/j reynolds/ Mame Is Me Flame
Thorsen , Eric Galway Bay 3:05
Three Suns Anvil Chorus (1944)
Three Suns Stalingrad (instrumental)
Tilton , Martha Dancing On Air 1:25
Tilton , Martha /Bob Sherwood Love Turns Winter Into Spring 2:42
Tilton, Martha + bob sherwood orch Love Turns Winter to Spring 2:42
Tommy Reynolds/Sunny O'Dea Smiles
Tommy Tucker Band + vocals All I Do Is Dream Of You
Tommy Tucker Band + vocals Camptown Races (Lin Brothers ??)
Tommy Tucker Band + vocals I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (don + marilyn duet)
Tommy Tucker Band + vocals Medley of 3 songs finale
Toni and Jan Arden Deed I Do
Toni and Jan Arden Do I Love You 4:05
Toni Arden My Ideal 3:10
Tony Pastor Orchestra Let's Do It
Torme , Mel April Showers
Torme,Mel - Mel-Tones Lullaby of Broadway
Torme,Mel - Mel-Tones Lullaby of Broadway 2nd version
Trace, Al +silly symphonettes I'll Take Her Back
Travis , Merle Dark As A Dungeon
Travis , Merle Nine Pound Hammer
Travis , Merle, Too Much For A Dime
Travis , Merle,betty devere Silver Spurs (with bronco busters)
Travis, Merle Silver Spurs (with bronco busters)
Travis,Merle Petticoat Fever
tv ad for -so this is hollywood stars of new tv show
unknown all girl band Instrumental
unknown artist When A Gypsy Plays - vocal visograph-unknown artist
unknown big band Instrumental -
unknown black cast singers/dancers unknown black cast singers/dancers
unknown black sisters Dem Golden Slippers
unknown female singer I Don't Know Why
unknown title - artist ?? Instrumental
Vallee , Rudy Take Me Back to Boots and Saddle
Valli , June Full Moon and Empty Arms - (studio films inc)
Valli , June Strange Senations - (studio films inc) copyright MCML11
Varios + Vida La Conga 2:05
Varios and Vida Que Buena Es La Conga (conga dance) 2:40
Varios and Vida Shoeing The Mare 2:22
Varios and Vida Vamos A Gozar with Herbert Curbelo Orchestra 2:25
Varios and Vida-herbert curbelo orch Shoeing The Mare 2:20
Verna Sherrill/Frank Novak Red Nellies Honour
Vickee Richards You Belong to My Heart with Winnie Hoveler dancers 2:35
Victor Young + Orchestra Hold That Tiger 2:05
Vincent, Romo Chickey ! The Cop
Ving Merlin/violins Blue Tango
Vonn , Vyola/Gene Grounds When You're Near Me (with Lou Helmy Orch)
Vonn,Vyola / Dick Dennis Nothing But Romance
Wade , Harry Make Some Music
Wakely , Jimmy Bull Legged Cowboy
Wakely , Jimmy Good Morning Mr Sunshine
Wakely , Jimmy Movin' On to Green Pastures
Wakely , Jimmy Saddle Pal (closing film)
Wakely , Jimmy It's Too Bad Little girl
Wakely , Jimmy + Johnny Bond Git Along Pony 2nd version 2:42
Wakely , Jimmy + Johnny Bond Keep Rolling On
Wakely , Jimmy Trio+ Johnny Bond The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along
Wakely,Jimmy Sunset Bids The Desert Goodbye
Wakely,Jimmy/oklahoma cowboys Montana Plains
Wakely,Jimmy/oklahoma cowboys Rootin Shootin Cowhand of the West
Wakely,Jimmy/oklahoma cowboys Saddle Pal
Wakely,Jimmy/sunshine girls Red River Valley
Walker,Helen/Nationairs-ray bloch or There's Something About A Soldier
Waller, Fats Your Feets Too Big 2:58
Waters , Ethel Birmingham Bertha (On With The Show)
Waters, Ethel Am I Blue
Weavers ,Pete Seeger The Roving Kind
Welk , Lawrence - group + band Show Closing - goodnight ladies + gentlemen
Welk , Lawrence / Panama (dixieland)
Welk , Lawrence / band Summer Holiday
Welk , Lawrence / band Syncopated Clock
Welk , Lawrence / barry lydall Granada (pete lofthaus)
Welk , Lawrence / bob lido Little Red Wagon
Welk , Lawrence / buddy merrill Humminging Bird
Welk , Lawrence / dick kesner September Song
Welk , Lawrence / jack martin Come On Little Leaguer
Welk , Lawrence / jack martin Kentuckian Song (larry hooper + sparklers)
Welk , Lawrence / jerry burke Something Has to give
Welk , Lawrence / larry hooper Autumn Leaves (jerry burke,dudley little)
Welk , Lawrence / larry hooper Wake the Town And Tell The People (alice long)
Welk , Lawrence / Myron Floren Laughing Polka
Welk , Lawrence / myron floren medley - old favorites - 2 accordions
Welk , Lawrence / myron floren Stroll Along The river Seine (aladin)
Welk , Lawrence / rocky rockwell A Tisket , A Tasket
Welk , Lawrence / woody guidry Begin the Beguine
Welk , Lawrence/alice long It's All Right With Me
Welk , Lawrence/dick kesner Hot Canary (bob lido , aladin)
Welk,Lawrence/b beers/j walton Home Again Polka 2:40
Welk,Lawrence/band Goody,Goody
western dude ranch musical campy Old Oaken Bucket
White, Thelma Zoot #1321
Will Osborne + Orchestra Dixie 1:45
Will Osborne + Orchestra Fantasia 2:20
Will Osborne + Orchestra Stardust
Will Osborne + Orchestra Stardust with dancers Maxine + Marilyn+vocalist 2:30
William Ayres + Orchestra MacNamara's Band
Williams , Gene From This Moment On
Williams , Tex If You Ride
Williams , Tex Jog Along To My Song
Williams , Tex Keep Rolling
Williams , Tex Let me Shake Your Ole Cowhand
Williams , Tex Sun In The Sky
Williams , Tex That Good Old Western Music
Williams , Tex The Cowpunchers Waltz
Williams , Tex + spade cooley There Is No Sunshine 2:55
Williams,Betty/mary osborne trio Rhumba Rebop
Williams,Gwen.charlie develin Around and Around She Goes 2:55
Williams,Robert +Maxwell Girls On A Sunday Afternoon
Winburn,Anna Mae/int sweethearts That Man of Mine
Wingy Mannone Band The Saints Come Marching In
Wingy Mannone Band + Ann Lee Vine Street Blues 2:35
Winslow, Dick Orch/Minute Maids Song Of The Islands 2:38
Youngman , Henny Our Teacher
Zarek and Zarina (featurette) Male Order